July 30, 2020

Celebrity Biography!

Zac Diles is an 8-year retired NFL payer who can currently be seen on VH1's Love & Listings which follows the professional and personal lives of L.A. real estate agents.

While most NFL players last three years, Zac managed to play for eight years. While 80% of NFL players go broke after leaving the game, Zac managed to find a successful career selling high-end luxury homes. An L.A. Ram Hall of Famer, this pro-athlete turned real estate agent is showing off and showing out!


Our interview/conversation not only highlights his athleticism, but also his commitment to advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to all Sanya On-Air streaming platforms (YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, iHEARTradio, Google Podcasts & Buzzsprout.

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